VI Derm™

Advanced Anti-Aging Acne Treatments

The Vi Derm™ Skin Care System is an advanced treatment system designed to enhance the benefits of the Vi Peel™. The formulas work synergistically to reverse the effects of sun damage, environmental factors and aging for healthier, more youthful skin. This cleansing and nourishing skin care system will provide significant improvement in under a week. Try the Complete Care system or any of these individual products and expect fantastic results:

  • VI Derm™ Complete Care for normal to dry skin
  • VI Derm™ Complete Care for oily skin
  • VI Derm™ Cleanser for all skin types
  • VI Derm™ Vitamin C 20% gel
  • VI Derm™ Bleaching cream Rx
  • VI Derm™ Bodywash w 15% glycolic acid & azeliac acid
  • VI Derm™ Exfoliating body lotion w/ 15% glycolic acid and retinol
  • VI Derm™ Advanced firming lotion
  • VI Derm™ Ultra A professional cream